Appointments and hangout-votes for large groups

About the Idea

A lot of you guys probably know the trouble: it’s weekend and all your friends are in town. Trouble? No, that’s great! But how do you get them all together now? Maybe you have a couple group-chats in your messenger going on. But then everybody has her/his own idea of where you spend your dinner, your well deserved evening to party or which one is the perfect spot at the beach – and you can’t split yourself up to take it all. So what you need is a solution. A poll where democracy is king. That’s what Fellower is about. You invite your circles of friends in specific groups and give everyone one proposal and one vote. Now you don’t need to scroll through congested chats to find out what’s going on and get directions on the fly. The event with the most votes is highlighted on the map, as well as the position of your friends, while they are approaching the spot.



During the work the working title was “Convener”, which I didn’t find quite convincing as a final name. True, the apps concept was to convene a meeting and set votes, but in fact the purpose of these meetings should be something joyful. Hanging out with all your fellows who are following each others intentions. But since nobody wants to be just a follower, let’s just be fellowers.


  • Research & Conception
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Design