I advise entrepreneurs on how to make a profit in doing good.


* This is what I call Brand Altruism.

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Brand Building

Build a sustainable brand from scratch.

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Brand Management

Optimize and vitalize your brand’s ecosystem.

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Marketing Strategy

Create an authentic, strong market positioning.

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Establish a transparent language, design, and tonality.

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Spark innovations matching your brands purpose.

Consumers are joining forces to make their voice heard. They demand that companies take responsibility for their actions.


Brands that embrace their mission have the power to shape the world we live in.


Brand Altruism leverages the power society has on the market.

Brand Altruism is a management framework designed in the context of social entrepreneurship. The objective is to shape brands that contribute to the common good and act as a part of society.

Can your core product serve in a social conflict?

Brand Altruism draws on insights from within the brand and transfers them on insights from society. These are identified as conflict fields.

Solve the conflict. Don’t be the cause.

Trustwashing occurs either when the brand’s core product does not match the conflict field or when an advertising campaign places the product above the conflict.

A supply chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Regularly monitor all stakeholders who interact with your brand. It may not always be possible to have a seamlessly compliant supply chain, but the reasons should be disclosed for collaborative optimization.

Take risks, but take them together.

Failing can strengthen your strategy if you’re honest and sincere. Communicate openly about mistakes. Give people the opportunity to participate and they will reward you with their loyalty.

Hi, my name is David. It’s my aim to develop strategies that contribute to the common good of society—and ultimately to the individual brands themselves. My »Brand Altruism« framework enables you to derive all operative activities: from setting up a transparent supply chain, to shaping all communications, to portfolio management, and the tangible product-/service design. At the same time, the internal structure benefits from cultural orientation and a fortified employer brand.


After all, it is not products that change the world, but people. Good products help them in doing so. Let’s make your brand an enabler for a better world.