Pleased to meet you!

But before you guess my Name
just call me David

So please let me introduce myself, for you may have no sympathy for the devil. Actually, there are two of my kind. Just like Clark Kent and Superman… Though that might be a quite delusional comparison.

David Agier

That’s what my friends call me. I love good design, art and photography as much as I love rock music from the 1970ies and 1980ies. I generally like to try things that I never did before, go places I’ve never been before, try food that looks exotic and explore whatever broadens my horizon… all with a couple exceptions of course. On the other hand I can’t stand 99,28% of modern pop/rock/whatever music as much as I don’t like lack of communication and the prevalent belief that multi-tasking would be a skill (when it is in fact a modern disease). I’ve been through two vocational training programs (both in design) and went to college afterwards because I permanently feel the urge to push my skills. Nevertheless I also like to share those, which is why I also give classes myself at college. When working in teams, I think that a respectful and positive atmosphere is the most essential thing to induce a creative setting, that can thereof generate innovation. And I do aspire for innovation.

David Sharife

By night I often transform to this character to give sound to the world. I believe that everything is frequency – from the inaudible to the sonic, from the invisible to visible light, to the very elementary field of particle physics (which really leads to everything). That may sound esoteric to you, but if you keep tinkering with this thought, you may look at the world a bit different.  In fact this point of view offers an infinite supply of creativity. I also listen to the world closely and I love strange sounds. Sometimes I like to roam the world with my field recorder and capture things, that I can use on my music later. Also I do have some photography projects on abandoned and empty spaces going on, that go hand in hand with these soundscapes. As a DJ I do also play some more driving techno. In that case it’s all about the atmosphere that can emerge when people dance theirselves mutually in some kind of trance. It’s something that refuels my everyday life.